Rigid Boxes | Set Up Boxes 

Rigid boxes-also called as set up boxes, offer business the ability to present products both safely and beautifully.These custom made rigid boxes are designed for meeting custom specification based on the marketing and branding requirement of products,Rigid boxes are best packaging choice for cosmetic,liquor,confectionary,boutique,entertainment,consumer products,multimedia,gift card and more.Those beautiful,unique,creative,distinctive rigid boxes can connect with and inspire your clients,,a tremendous selections of luxurious fine paper and fine printing as well as stunning finishes process such as hot stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish can create the desired look and feel.As gift boxes manufacturer,Shopping Bags Mart specialize in manufacturing rigid boxes coming in wide variety of styles,sizes,shapes to fit any occasion.

Rigid Boxes Styles  

Rigid boxes are considered as high end packaging solution for any product and gift item.The advantage of rigid boxes is that rigid boxes are available in any size,shape and style to fit any end.So rigid boxes offer unique shape,elegant looking,luxurious feeling,great for high value products.At Shopping Bags Mart,rigid boxes have so many variety of style,options include tray,partial cover,angled neck boxes,hinged neck boxes,neck boxes with die cut  insert,neck boxes,shoulder boxes,hinged lid boxes,lift off lid boxes,clamshell box,3 sided hinged cover boxes,book styles boxes,tray with sleeve,drawer boxes,slipcase,slipcase with divider,slip case and more.

rigid boxes styles

Rigid Boxes With Lift Off Lid 

Rigid boxes with lift-off lid are popular styles,those rigid boxes with lift off lid are easy to open and close. Meanwhile rigid boxes with lift off lid are available in any shape--square,rectangle,round,heart,hexagon---options are endless.Different insert such as foam,cotton,silk,die cut board are available to hold products firmly.Wrapped paper can be offset printed,hot stamped,embossed to display business information,highlight business brand.

Lift off lid boxes: That have different styles too,including full cover lid,half cover lid,part cover lid,neck cover lid,shoulder cover lid that can fit any demand at luxurious packaging.

rigid boxes

Neck Boxes: Neck boxes are three piece specialty boxes where the lid and bottom do not telescope,or overlap. Bottom and lid kiss together or never touch each other.The inner neck,which can be a set up tray,a glued sleeve, or platform, is glued or friction-locked into the bottom of the box.The inner neck's function is to guide and hold the lid in place when this box is closed,great for high value products. 

neck boxes

Shoulder Boxes: Shoulder boxes are three-piece boxes, with a "shoulder" glued or friction-locked into the cover. Usually, the lid of a shoulder box is deeper than the bottom, and the shoulder prevents the bottom from pushing up into the lid. Candles, Perfume, Diffuser with weighted product packages well with this style

shoulder boxes

 Rigid Boxes With Hinged Lid

Hinged lid can enhance the value of a product.It also create extra impact when there is s special message to be presented,great as high end packaging for cosmetic,skin care,high-tech products,sale kits. Hinges may be paper,metal,stitched or taped.As gift boxes manufacturer,Shopping Bags Mart specialize in hinged lid rigid boxes coming in any size,color,finish at great cheap price.

rigid boxes with hinged lid
rigid boxes with hinged lid

Paper Hinge:the most common hinge on a hinged box is achieved by adhering the lid paper the bottom of the box.Most often,this style of hinge is used when the cover of box extends all the way down,or is full telescoping.Great for medical Devices,bio-tech,and stationary products. 

Taped and Stitched Hinge: our strong hinge for boxes is called a taped and stitched hinge.This style is made by stapling the cover to the bottom,then adding a piece of paper or tape to cover the staples.You can add a taped and stitched hinge to a box that has a short lid or a full telescoping lid.

Three-Side Cover Hinged Lid: another hinged for specialty box is called a three-sided cover hinged.Great for wine,beverages,oils and spirits.

Slipcase | Book Cover

 Slipcase are strong,high quality,and labor friendly package.Slipcase are strong enough to protect your product.From magazines to audio cassettes,from books to DVDs,all have been safely packaged in slipcase.Strong slipcase also add aftermarket value to your product.When you add your business logo and information to your slipcase,you are creating a promotional tool. Because of your slipcase's strength and durability.Your customer will display your slipcase on their shelves for lasting long time.As gift boxes manufacturer,Shopping Bags Mart specialize in manufacturing slipcase coming in any size,color to fit your requirement.


Drawer Boxes | Tray With Sleeve 

 Those rigid boxes have the same style as slipcase,usually with ribbon pull,great as luxury packaging solution for small gift items,belt and more.Huge selection of wrap paper,printing and finishes can make unique drawer boxes,tray with sleeve easily for branding and marketing.

drawer boxes

How to Build Rigid Boxes? 

How to build rigid boxes to meet your desire,products and promotional campaign? As rigid boxes manufacturer,Shopping Bags Mart offer huge selections of wrap paper,printing,finishes process that can help you to create right rigid boxes.

Paper Board & Wrap Paper: We use quality paper board,kraft paper board,recycled kraft board to build rigid boxes that can ensure every box is very sturdy and strong to protect any product,present the business quality.

 If paper board is the skeleton of rigid box,then wrap paper is the skin. Paper choices at Shopping Bags Mart are endless to offer different looking and feeling.Such as art paper,kraft paper,white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,foil paper,special paper are perfect as wrap paper to cover paper board, and build your rigid boxes.

paper baord

quality paper board to build tray 

rigid boxes

rigid boxes,covered by kraft paper 

rigid boxes

rigid boxes,wrapped by art paper to offer the best printing effect 

luxury rigid boxes
luxury rigid boxes wrapped by foil paper


Printing For Rigid Boxes: printing can make or break your rigid boxes.Add a simple,one color line art logo or a vibrant full color photographic image to your box.Shopping Bags Mart offer offset printing,foil stamping,embossing,uv spot varnish for your rigid box,inside and out.Plus varnish,coating and film lamination can be added if needed.With printing, your rigid boxes are not only as boxes,but as long lasting billboard to advertise your business.

Offset Printing: You can add any color on your rigid boxes,whether it is one or two color logo,or solid color pantone color to match, or full color for photographic image.

Hot Stamping | Foil Stamping: Great way to highlight business logo.You can add a look of distinctive to your rigid box by hot stamping.With hot stamping,you can achieve a brilliance that can not be duplicated with ink.A wide foil colors are available including matt,metallic or hologram.

Embossing: Through embossing,We can add texture by raising your logo off your box, that can offer not only impacted logo,but luxurious feeling to add more value to products and business brand.Embossing is usually used together with hot stamping to get the best effect.

rigid boxes

rigid boxes with solid color and reversed logo 

set up boxes

 rigid boxes with logo on solid color 

rigid boxes

rigid boxes with full color printing 

rigid boxes

set up boxes with full color printing 

luxury rigid boxes

rigid boxes with uv + embossing logo 

rigid boxes with hot stamping

rigid boxes with hot stamping 

rigid boxes

rigid boxes with glossy lamination and hot stamping logo 

rigid boxes with texture

rigid boxes with texture finishes 

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Rigid Boxes From Shopping Bags Mart

Shopping Bags Mart offer rigid boxes,set up boxes,neck boxs,shoulder boxes,clamshell boxes,drawer boxes,pop up gift boxes,gable gift boxes at great wholesale price.

Shopping Bags Mart Wholesale Kraft Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are great to package any product and gift item.Gift boxes can provide good protection,also add more quality and value into inside packaged.

Gift boxes have so many variety including luxury rigid gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,gable gift boxes,pop up style gift boxes,kraft gift boxes and more.Those gift boxes come in so many sizes,shapes and colors to fit different ends.

When you are looking for some gift boxes with eco friendly and green looking,kraft gift boxes are perfect choice.Because kraft gift boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Kraft gift boxes are made of kraft card paper,or recycled kraft paper board covered by kraft paper,coming in different styles such as folding kraft gift boxes,rigid kraft gift boxes,foldable kraft rigid boxes, kraft gift boxes have green and natural looking,great as eco friendly gift boxes,apparel boxes,shoe boxes,jewelry boxes,wine boxes,candle boxes,cosmetic boxes.

As gift boxes manufacturer, Shopping Bags Mart wholesale wide range of kraft gift boxes including kraft rigid gift boxes,foldable kraft rigid boxes,recycled kraft gift boxes,kraft rigid apparel boxes,kraft wine boxes and more.When you are looking for kraft gift boxes,Shopping Bags Mart is one stop place for you to wholesale them with cheap pricing.At Shopping Bags Mart you can find below popular kraft gift boxes:

1 Recycled rigid kraft gift boxes.

Those gift boxes are made of heavyweight recycled paper board,covered by recycled kraft paper,those gift boxes are very strong,100% recyclable and biodegradable.

2 Rigid kraft apparel boxes

Those kraft gift boxes are made of heavy duty paper board,covered by natural kraft paper,with solid color or plain color,two piece with base and lift off lid,coming in so many sizes to fit to package shirt,jacket,sweater,dresses,robes,blouse,lingerie.

3 Foldable rigid kraft boxes

Those gift boxes have collapsible construction,with ribbon and magnetic closure,coming in flat and it is easy to assemble into rigid boxes when use.

4 Pop Up Kraft Apparel Boxes

Those boxes are made of kraft paper board,folding construction,coming in flat and easy to pop up into apparel boxes

Shopping Bags Mart can print custom logo on kraft gift boxes,Shopping Bags Mart also can manufacture custom made kraft gift boxes coming in as your specification,short run is available.Detail please contact with Shopping Bags Mart

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Magnetic Boxes With Printed Logo From Shopping Bags Mart

Magnetic Boxes With Printed Logo from Shopping Bags Mart.

This rigid set up box, it is made of heavy duty paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,one color printing with reversed logo on top lid,hinged lid with magnetic closure,custom die cut paper insert.

Shopping Bags Mart specialize in manufacturing rigid boxes,set up boxes,including hinged lid rigid boxes,magnetic boxes,we can print custom logo on boxes with cheap price,even you just need a small run.Detail please go http://www.papershoppingbags.cc

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